Fr. John Riccardo

April 5, 2021

Fr. John Riccardo

April 5, 2021

Grab a seat in the pew with Fr. John Riccardo as we talk about how OVERWHELMING the Gospel story really is.

In this bonus episode, I interview my friend, Fr. John Riccardo—founder of Acts XXIX and co-host of the “You Were Born For This” podcast.

During our conversation, Fr. John shows how today’s priests and bishops were formed for a different era than the one we’re living in, which is making their ministries less effective than they could be. Today’s era is an “apostolic era,” one that is either agnostic or hostile to Christianity. Ministering to people in an “apostolic era” requires a different set of tools than most priests and bishops are equipped for. Fr. John’s ministry is devoted to helping retool our clergy and lay leaders to be more effective.

Much of this retooling revolves around the story of the Gospel—how it should be told, how we should receive it. It’s an overwhelming story. It’s powerful. In fact, Fr. John talks about how in the original Greek translation, when St. Paul says “The power of God is salvation,” the word he uses for “power” shares the same root as the English word for “dynamite.” In other words, the Gospel is EXPLOSIVE. It should ROCK YOU. It’s not a nice and cute and sweet story. It’s LIFE-CHANGING. It’s time we believe it to be so. And if we believe it is truly life-changing, then that demands that we live our lives differently

In this podcast we’ll learn:

  • The story of the Gospel, and how it should truly CHANGE YOUR LIFE
  • The differences between the Christendom Era and the Apostolic Era
  • Why God allows bad things to happen in the world.
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