Sister Miriam

April 21, 2021

Sister Miriam

April 21, 2021

Sr. Miriam tells us about her experience with Christ's healing.

For this bonus episode, I’m honored to speak to Sr. Miriam James Heidland of The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. Sr. Miriam has the distinction of being our first female guest in the pew! She is a noted Catholic speaker, author, and co-host of the podcast “Abiding Together.” Sr. Miriam is going to talk to us about what really makes us reach for bad habits and how only the love of Christ can provide sufficient healing.

We’ll learn that:

– Uncovering the root of why we choose bad habits forces us to be honest with ourselves
– Understanding that Jesus didn’t come to fix us but to bring us into communion with Him is a terrifying but ultimately satisfying revelation
– Allowing Jesus to love us when we are most vulnerable is the key to transformation

I’m so excited for you to hear everything that Sr. Miriam has to say!


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